Monthly Archives: May 2006

Electric Project

I was surfing the Web and Saw this Neat project, What to do with Blue Bawls , thought it would be neat to try. So i laid out the components on the Breadboard and worked around to find the correct resistor for the photo-cell to work properly.
After about a Half hour of figuring out voltage and and ohms and all that neat stuff i got it to work correctly. Now all i have to do is try to wire one into a bawls bottle. Actually will be trying this once my shipment of LED’s comes in that i ordered on Ebay.
The Girlfriend is not as impressed she still wants to know what else it can do other then light up and turn off ! Oh well she still says it’s neat.
Will post more photos on my website once it finished!!

Wireless Router

On Sunday I purchased a wireless router to Enable Wendy’s Laptop to have Internet access from any point in the house. After Purchasing the Router and a Pc card it was time to install them.

Push Button Setup feature that makes wireless Connection secure and Simple, heck how hard could that be?

Well lets see after installing the software on both computers i was able to connect ports but unable to have a Internet connection on the laptop. After several different attempts and some reading i was still not winning.

I went on the Linksys website and started chatting with a tech rep, who after about ten minutes was disconnected with !!!!

OK so i tried a couple more ideas and well things got even better now the screen the logs into the Routers Properties was in a foreign language , trust me this really makes things tough.

Now it was time to call Linksys for some real tech help, the Agent asked me my problems then diagnosed them to make sure i did everything right and was really telling her the truth of my problem, with this she had me log onto the router page that i told her was in a different language then English she asked me to click on the third tab and tell her what it said.

OK maybe she missed something it was not in English and i did not speak or read the language that it was in. After several explanations of this that i had no idea what it said she had me try to reset the modem back to factory specs.

Yeah you guessed it that also failed. She then asked me when i purchased the Router, i told her i had just purchased it today.

SHE said” THAT WAS GOOD, I could return it”

Wow what great tech support i never thought of that@@@@.

After hanging up with her, i re-installed the software, and guess what i was able to change the language back to English , so it was off to calling tech support Again.

After a good half hour on the phone and doing a lot of things that im not even sure what i really did it was up and running .

Total time , I would say a good 3+ hours, and a lot of pushes of  buttons.