Yearly Archives: 2007

Monday Night Fire

Two Alarm Fire Broke out at 1125 Spring Monday Evening, this was after City Crews already Fought Two -Three Alarm Fires earlier that afternoon.

1126 Rear

All three Fires are believed to have been started from discarded Cigarettes or Cigars.

Spring Time

Think My neighbor’s are a little behind. They Placed a 50 Dollar challenge on who could get the greenest and fullest yard first. Heres a look at how the Competition is going.

Back Yard


Wish ME luck !!!

Happy Easter

Easter Candy


Wendy and I spent Saturday Evening Using Up 6lbs Of chocolate.

We ended up with 40 Lollipop’s 24 Peanut Butter Eggs and 24 coconut eggs.

Plus Bags full of Mini chocolate and chocolate and Peanut Butter Ducks, rabbits, Eggs.


Three days of Trying.

Three Days of trying i improved but did not end up with the high score i wanted.
My first Day I scored 45 , I bettered that on the second day with a 57.
Saturday Morning I peaked out at 69. I actually got a lot better though, almost every time i played Saturday i got to the mid 40’s or 50’s before missing a shot.

wii 69

Wii Tennis Returning Balls

Well on another site their was a challenge to post how many you could get up to in the Wii Tennis Returning Balls Practice. On Nintendo’s forum their was a thread of leader boards where the top is 160 and 10th place was 84 the Guy who made this Challenge says he is third on the UK site with 233 I played about a hour and half today and i maxed out at 45 II will try to Beat that By Saturday and enter my number but if i don’t reach 80 to 100 i doubt i will place except if no one else enters!

Wii Returning Balls

Best Buy

Sunday We Took Wendy’s Sister to Best Buy yo Purchase a new Computer. They Had in their sales fliers a Computer , Monitor and Printer for 499 a 250+ dollar savings.

So at eleven AM we started our Journey to Pick up her sister and head to BB. Once finding a spot to park we headed inside an to the Computer Department to find about twenty people all hanging around trying to get the attention of 2-3 sales clerks. After Numerous attempts to try to be next i Finally interrupted on clerk who was ringing up a sale and asked” do you u still have these in stock?” with that he looked over his should to see the computer system and said yes. Cool so standing around for twenty minutes was not that bad since she will be able to get a Computer just as soon as we can get some help. While standing waiting i start chatting with another couple that has been waiting for over a half hour, and also went to the costumer service desk to see if they could get more people to help them make their purchase. Finally we Had a sales man and no we did not have to tackle him to get his attention, We tell him we would like to purchase the computer that is on sale , he is like fine we still have them , if you dont mind could i ask what your using it for, well after about ten minutes of my girlfriend sister explaining what she will be using it for and the sales man trying to sell her mirosoft office and virus protection for a mere 180 extra bucks, i could not take no more. I told him she was only interested in the computer and that she would only have enough cash for that alone and that thier were also like 20+ people waiting for the next available sales person, Hiss reply was ohh well they will have to wait.

Finally he was loading up are system Computer, then monitor, the he took a walk to go get the printer. After returning we noticed it was not the same printer show in the add, but at this point it really did not matter to me, we were already thier way to long. He then went and got another Printer, We assumed fixing his mistake that the original was not Correct. He then told us that they did not have the printer to go along with the deal in stock but if we paid for it all now they could ship it to the Home free of charge. I know take notice that the couple i spoke to earlier are still waiting to be waited on and their kids are falling asleep on the lower shelves from waiting. Then After the clerk tried to put that in the computer he told us he could not do that either. But said we could buy it all now and if they got the printer in tomorrow return it and re buy it at the package price. This was a Sunday and Monday special only, What were the odds yet alone SHe was not going to have enough cash to buy at full price. I asked if we could upgrade or downgrade the printer and pay the difference, but was told this could not be done. We then walked over to costumer service where we were told the only person that could help us was the department manager that should be over in the computer department. Well after already spending like a hour to get help the first time we did not like this option and choose to leave empty handed. After Arriving home around 2 I decided since the race would not start to about 3 i would go on best buys website and see if i could purchase it from their, and i could not. I did however see a costumer service number and decided i would give it a try.

The first lady listened to my story and then connected me to the computer making department , once connected their they transfered me somewhere who then transfered me to what i would thing was some some kind of customer service rep he also listened to my story and asked if i had spoken to a manager i told him no that we where told it would have to be the manager from that department and after already waiting 30 minutes we were not going to go back and do that again. He said that he could not help i had to speak to ?? not sure what he said , but offered to connect me i said ok and thank you, with this i was disconnected.

I know thought Ok ill call Best buy in Whitehall #587 and ask for a manager and see what he said. So i dial best buy and pick option to for help and guess what i get disconnected, so i redial and once again hit option two this time someone answers.

The girl say Ma’am are you still on the line, I say im not the ma’am you were looking for but i was on the line waiting for some one to help, She asks if i was the gentleman who was just cursing at her and I explain i was not but how i could understand his frustration with best buy. SHe then ask me what i want and i ask her if i could speak to a manager and she reply well tell me what the problem is and maybe i can help. I once again go through the story and see says well some items are limited, i explain that i understand this but try to tell her they have everything ele computer monitor but no printer. No I wonder if their were any printer?

I ask i would like a manager to see why a substitution could not be made or why the would not place a equal amount of printer aside to go with the computer . She tells me i just explained quantities can be limited what dont you understand sir, I said i dont understand why no one at best buy gives a shit. Whit that she told me i was cursing at her and if i continued she would hang up, I told her i did curse and if she still wanted to help she could get me a manager, she then transfered my call somewhere it rang like 8 time and she picked back up and said its still me sir, I then asked if she could please try again, she once again patched the phone to somewhere that it rang and rang, Well after twenty minutes the phone was still ringing no one picked up and 3 o’clock was here time for the race and another hour wasted with best buy. I hung up wishing the ring tone that i hoped the 66 car would sit behind the wall for the rest of the season.

I ‘m writing best buy today and will post their response when and if given.