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Wii Search Finally over

It Just wasn’t Easy, I Originally tried Back in November At the Original release of the Wii.
It was Just Crazy Was To Late to get one at Walmart at Midnight. I then tried Target the Next Morning Word was the would have like a 100 Wii’s Not sure what the Actual amount was But I arrived at are local target around 7:00 am And they had about 200-300 People lined up, needless to say i just drove home. Since then we Randomly called All the stores that carried them and would stop at the Electronics department whenever we where out shopping to ask the silly old question ” Do you have any wii’s?”. usually either heard no and we dont know when we will get any or we had twelve this morning but they are all gone.
finally on January 21st I would try Target Once again I knew they would be on sale sunday but they would not tell you how many the store would have. I woke around 5 am and it was a Cool 17 Degrees outside. I dressed warm and gathered some gloves and hats and a quick bite to eat.
BY 6AM i was in the car and on my way, I figured if i arrived by 20 after I would only have to spend about 40 minutes outside till someone from target would come out and hand out tickets fo r the wii (at least from what i’ve read on the Internet).
As I approached Cedar Crest Blvd Getting Off 22 I crossed my fingers hopping to be in the top Ten ( for a good chance to get a Wii) But visions in my head I could see the Line I drove up to A couple months back in the hundreds, Knowing if this would be the case I once again would return home empty handed.
As i made my turn Into the Target lot , what a surprise was awaiting me, their was nobody standing outside. I drove by the door just to make sure their were no signs saying that they would not have any Wii. I was in luck their was nothing posted on the door.
I then found a place to Park where i could make a good dash to the door. I know could see about 5 other cars of people waiting inside them. I guess everyone figured it was just to cold to stand outside and wait. I liked their idea i was going to follow their lead and wait in the warmth till someone made a break for the door.
I figured every minute i stayed in the car was one less then i had planned to wait out in the cold.
Now 6:35 having already been at target for over 15 minutes the first new car approached , I Scouted it out 3 people inside, As they did the Traditional drive by the Door thing, i Tightened my glove and got ready to go out in the cold. I was kinda surprised to see they also parked their car and waited inside. This was just way to cool I now wished i Had a Newspaper to read , but i could not take the chance to leave and go get on cause at any minute the line craziness could start. Another 15 minutes had passed , Now another new Vehicle was Doing the door drive by thing, this one had like 5 inside I know feared once again this was going to be the time To go out in the could . This time iI was Right They Pulled their van into a parking space and started to get out, With that the three that arrived Earlier along with those who had been their before me all got out of their car like one big Orchestrated dash to the Door.
My readiness Won My Number 5 in line, Yes true if I was Willing to have spent the previous 30 minutes out in the cold i could have been number one. I was still happy I wanted top Ten and thats where i was. I later learned the Gentleman Behind me had been their since 3Am that morning. Time Seemed to fly past as everyone Grew accustom to the cold and chat of what games they were going to buy and all the near misses they had at getting a wii.
Finally around 7:15 or so the Manager came out and told us they had 43 Wii’s and to just stay in line and in a little while they would hand out numbers and take us inside to get our system.
finally around 7:50 he Handed out our numbers i was lucky number 5 !!!
We marched in line into Target they took us up one Isle about 9 rows back then brought us down a different isle to get our Wii’s , We were then directed to go pay for them.
It turned out as of the 8 Am opening their were only like 24 people their , If only i would have known i could of showed up at eight and still got my Wii.
All in all it was a cool experience , i learned some tricks if i ever decided to try and get a new system at the Release Date.