Monthly Archives: April 2007

Monday Night Fire

Two Alarm Fire Broke out at 1125 Spring Monday Evening, this was after City Crews already Fought Two -Three Alarm Fires earlier that afternoon.

1126 Rear

All three Fires are believed to have been started from discarded Cigarettes or Cigars.

Spring Time

Think My neighbor’s are a little behind. They Placed a 50 Dollar challenge on who could get the greenest and fullest yard first. Heres a look at how the Competition is going.

Back Yard


Wish ME luck !!!

Happy Easter

Easter Candy


Wendy and I spent Saturday Evening Using Up 6lbs Of chocolate.

We ended up with 40 Lollipop’s 24 Peanut Butter Eggs and 24 coconut eggs.

Plus Bags full of Mini chocolate and chocolate and Peanut Butter Ducks, rabbits, Eggs.


Three days of Trying.

Three Days of trying i improved but did not end up with the high score i wanted.
My first Day I scored 45 , I bettered that on the second day with a 57.
Saturday Morning I peaked out at 69. I actually got a lot better though, almost every time i played Saturday i got to the mid 40’s or 50’s before missing a shot.

wii 69

Wii Tennis Returning Balls

Well on another site their was a challenge to post how many you could get up to in the Wii Tennis Returning Balls Practice. On Nintendo’s forum their was a thread of leader boards where the top is 160 and 10th place was 84 the Guy who made this Challenge says he is third on the UK site with 233 I played about a hour and half today and i maxed out at 45 II will try to Beat that By Saturday and enter my number but if i don’t reach 80 to 100 i doubt i will place except if no one else enters!

Wii Returning Balls