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How Much Energy can you save?

With the Rate of Electricity going up and up, I have found some useful ways to cut back on are consumption.
My first suggestion CF bulbs not everyone likes them but they do save a lot on lights you keep on all day. Comparing a 40,60,75 and 100 watt bulb to a CF Equivalent 9,14,20, 26 Watts. See how much you would save every hour you burned that bulb!

Another big thing is shutting of things in you house your not using, not just by the power switch but using power strips where you can stop any idle electricity use altogether.

Check out this link for how much i saved in the last seven Months along with some other useful sites.

Obsession – Radical Islam’s War Against the West

I received this Free DVD on the Radical Islam. Yes I did Watch It. To summarize it Compares the Radical Islam Goals to that Of Nazi Germany. Compares the Worshiping of the Jihad to end the Western Worlds way of life to that of the Hitler Youth . That If we Take these threats as Lone Incidents rather then a full out plan of war, We may pay the Price in the Long Run. Manly asks all people including Muslims to stand up against the Radical Islamic Way. Not that its 100% correct or the only Viewpoint, Its well worth watching to make you think about what is real and what is not. I did enjoy the Quote at the Beginning and end of the movie by Edmund Burke

” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Weber Silver C

Yes 6 Years and a couple months later, that old weber Grill still cooks a Steak like day One.
It has spent it’s years outside under the original cover and has cooked meals all season long.
It doesn’t look as clean and shiny as it did that day back in June of 02. But it has served me well at every cookout I’ve had. Hope to Keep it around another 6+ Years

Nothign like a Steak on a Weber

Nothign like a Steak on a Weber

Ironpigs Beat Clippers in 9th

The IronPigs played a nice game this Sunday. Brian Mazone Gave up 5 thru six innings. With the Ironpigs down by two Randolph and Ennis combined for 3 scoreless innings.
The Ironpigs scored one in the eighth and added Two in the Ninth To Win three in a Row with a 6-5 Victory.
The IronPigs had a impressive 12 hits that kept the house Rocking.
That only leaves me with one Question why do people who watched two plus hours of a game leave in the seventh and eighth inning?
Maybe someone can post the answer to that.

L.V. IRONPIGS VS Richmond Braves 4/11

We Went out to Coca-cola Park to See the IronPigs Play Saturday Part of Opening Weekend.
Travel Was Easy and Fast, Parking was not a problem , Lines to get in the Park were Long.
We had Tickets to the PPL Picnic Patio Thanks to Sacred heart Hospital. Food was mediocre at best and lady had no clue how to pour a full cup of Cola!
Game time Temperature was 71 But before it ended it was Around 47 out with up to 12mph wind Gust.
The Iron Pigs Played a good Defensive game other then the 6th Inning, Giving up 4 Runs and with a team that only has 2 batters batting over .200 Thats trouble.
The Pigs went on to drop to 0-10 with a 5-3 Lose.
I have some photos Of the Game, not a bad seat in the House!

Pork Illustrated


Baseball is just around the Corner and the lehigh valley has a new team.
It is the Phillies AAA Minor league Team the IronPigs.
I was just out to the Stadium this week and it looks Amazing. A lot of work is still going on outside of the Stadium. Does not look like their will be a bad seat in the house. Will post more and have some pictures next month.
I will be attending Opening Weekend at the park.