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Computers For sale

Actually I’m just trying to save them from their original users and Fix them back up to How they are supposed to work.
I’d bet for the right price they would sell them.

Computers for Sale !

So far one down and one to go!



We got to see the Ironpigs win a game 4-2. Along with winning our first Free Arby’s RBI Sandwich With Terry Tiffee Homerun. Was also amazed by OF – Rich Thompson and C – Lou Mason’s Arm , they both made amazingly strong throws. Mason throw out Crowe trying to steal second, who had a big jump on the pitch. Thompson threw into second from the warning track in what would have been a put out as the runner tried for a double , unfortunately the throw was dropped.

CVS Digital Photo Viewer

I purchased a Digital Photo Viewer from Cvs for my girlfriend.
Today she showed me the Viewer and to me it looks like the Battery Exploded inside, at least expanded.
Luckily this was on a shelf in a basket and not in her pocket.
Digital Photo Viewer
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