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Old Carbon County Prison

This Weekend We Went up to Jim Thorpe, I figured why we were shopping we could Check out The Old Jail.
Lots of History in this old place.
My first Crazy Experience Was Waiting at the Main door , my phone was speaking telling me a loss of service, Funny thing was if i saw correctly it had several bars, Second the door was wide open not being blocked, But inside the Dungeon area No such Announcement. Guess what when we were about to leave once again in the Lobby did my phone go off.

Inside i took several picture ( will definitely take more if I get to go again.) The craziest thing for me was inside Cell #24 My camera Captured orbs and light streaks. Was this a Spirit or just Dust particles, Why did it only happen at that cell Block?

White Light on left Cot and Orb above chair on Right.
More images of the Jail and Jim Thorpe can be found Here.

Musikfest 2010

Walked Thru Musikfest Sat , grabbed a Bite to eat, some free toothpaste and a Bag of Kettle Corn for my babe!

kettle Corn

Always nice to walk thru Early in the Afternoon not a lot of people try that after 5pm and its a heard that travels in each direction.
Hopefully next year it will all be on the southside and they can deal with the Litter, Drunks and parking Nightmares.

Couple Photos of Family Leaving for trip back to New York and Some Shots looking down on the Musikfest tents and crowds.

Losing a Buddy


Let me first take you back about five years ago we had Littles wendy’s oldest cat living with us.I guess after a couple month she decided she was going to stay or finally trusted me with the rest of her cats.
I made a huge cardboard door to keep them in the kitchen for a day or two till we introduced them to the rest of the house. It was a great project for me getting to use all my tools but really was a waste of time. Needless to say i tore my fake door down since i could not see how these two could do any damage to the rest of the house.

Over time they adapted to the change, but Bambam Would still hide from me under the bed when i got home from work and I tried to strengthen our friendship with some treats.More then once did i get a Hiss as I tried to reach under the bed, He was definitely letting me know he was not ready to share the same ground.Unfortunately almost three years ago a day came where BAmbam was not eating or drinking. We took him to the Hospital and after a little stay and some test They said he probably had cancer or some other ailment. The cost to narrow that down any further let his illness unknown but we started medicating him to help fight the possible cancer. This medication then led to him being Diabetic, Resulting in a daily insulin shot along with his pills.
Me and Bambam bonded even more from monthly trips to see his doctors and the Caring staff. I really think He knew we where looking out for him and trying to make things better when he was feeling down.
Before long Not only did he come up to bed to lay with Wendy but me too would he lay on my chest and purr as he was petted. What a privilege it was to know he enjoyed my attention compared to the days when he wanted no part of it. I now had a buddy who was up at 5am with me to join me Brushing my teeth, well ok all he really wanted was a drink from the sink. Evenings before settling down for the night if i went out to the Kitchen for a snack who was by my Side ? you guessed it Bambam.
Even the last couple weeks he would lay down in my computer room, a room rarely visited by the cats.
Other then a few things over the next two years after his diagnosis He lived a pretty normal and good life. Early this year he started Throwing up daily (till he was put on Cerenia) but he would still drool a lot and you could tell his breathing became more difficult. He started loosing weight and over the last two plus weeks he would hardly eat, mostly licking up the moisture in the food and thats about it.Over those weeks Wendy would have to assist feed him.
You could see this all was taking a toll on his body, slowing down and becoming less active but he Still would not give up for almost three years.

This Morning His time to move on to a New chapter in his life came. As i went downstairs and turned on the light bambam laid still not getting ready for some morning chow. As I went to pet him he looked back and just as quickly his head snapped back to rest on the ground. We sat with him as he took his last Breaths, trying to comfort him that better thing were waiting for him. I know the Pain I feel only knowing him for five years , I can only imagine what Wendy is going thru having cared for him for Fifteen. This morning we not only lost a pet but a Good Buddy!

40 Years

This was me and my Teddy Bear at three months.

ME - Teddy

Me at age Forty (Well almost).


My teddy Bear at age 40.


Think I’ve aged a little better !