Monthly Archives: September 2010

Old Carbon County Prison

This Weekend We Went up to Jim Thorpe, I figured why we were shopping we could Check out The Old Jail.
Lots of History in this old place.
My first Crazy Experience Was Waiting at the Main door , my phone was speaking telling me a loss of service, Funny thing was if i saw correctly it had several bars, Second the door was wide open not being blocked, But inside the Dungeon area No such Announcement. Guess what when we were about to leave once again in the Lobby did my phone go off.

Inside i took several picture ( will definitely take more if I get to go again.) The craziest thing for me was inside Cell #24 My camera Captured orbs and light streaks. Was this a Spirit or just Dust particles, Why did it only happen at that cell Block?

White Light on left Cot and Orb above chair on Right.
More images of the Jail and Jim Thorpe can be found Here.