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Lehigh Valley Air Show

Today We Went to the Lehigh Valley air Show. Almost didn’t go after reading everyone’s rants about the Traffic and Long food and Drink lines, along with the event running out of water to sell on Saturday.
So we packed the car an took a cooler full of drinks to run back to if things got to Crazy.
The Show was nice , but kinda slow going, Guess it really feels that way when your out in a field full of Sunshine for Five plus hours.
We got our Food Early Before noon and waited probably less then twenty minutes ,by two o’clock here was one of the Lines.

Food Line

Here are some Photos from the Day.

Did really enjoy watching the Show, Hopefully with more Planes and Less Hiccups LVIA will put on another show next year!

Misty Blues Skydiving Team

Ephrata Cloister

Friday We Went to the Green Dragon in Ephrata to Gather up some good deals on Bake Goods and some odd ball junk nobody needs. We then went to Ephrata Cloister One of America’s earliest religious communities, the Ephrata Cloister was founded in 1732 by German settlers seeking spiritual goals rather than earthly rewards.
We also Stopped at Mother Tucker’s Antiques , But did not come home with any good Deals, Did lead me to think of taking another road trip to hit the crazy number of Antique stores in the area!

Link To Photos of our Trip!


Lantern Project

lantern original

This Weekend I took My 17 Led Battery Operated Hurricane Latern I purchased from Big Lots And Turned it into a Corded Lantern to use as a room Decor for small night lighting.


I replaced the Led Lights with a Candelabra socket and Cord, Added a Candle Flicker Bulb and Frosted the Globe. This was my Finished Result.

Finished Lantern


The Garden is really growing and will definitely Grow like crazy after todays Rain.



We just started getting some red tomatoes and everything is starting to fill out.2013-07-21_12-19-29_523 (Large)

Birthday Cake!

P1030079_rszNothing Like some Good Birthday cake to get the Morning Going.
Spent the Afternoon With My Lovely Wife in Jim Thorpe, We had a late lunch at Molly Maguires Pub & Steakhouse, then Strolled the Streets Shopping. A great Day now I’m pooped out and need some rest!
Guess turning 34 does that to ya.