Civil War Encampment Bethlehem, Pa

We Spent a Little Time Sunday At a Artillery Demonstration in Downtown Bethlehem.

We also Took a trip Into the 1750 Smithy and Learned a little On Blacksmithing. Then Upstairs To the School Room, Were I was the only student to spell Two words Correctly in the spelling test !! (Can you believe that) Then it was off to Learn about the Supplies Need for the Troops During the War and how they received them. Next we took another visit to the Goundie house , We then walked to the Kemerer Museum. What a Beautiful place Such Lovely Furniture with a total ambiance of the Time Period. Our last stop Was the 1741 Gemeinhaus House the Oldest standing structure in Bethlehem. Check this out and more on the Historic Bethlehem Site.

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