Pennsylvania Casino Review

My thoughts on 4 of the 10 Pennsylvania Casinos Sands Bethlehem, Hollywood Casino, Mount Airy and Mohegan Sun. I personally believe most peoples likes or dislikes of a Casino come from if the Won or lost , I think that’s Just Luck, The same Casino With Multiple Visits is going to give you one of three Results, You Lose Money, Break Even Or Win!
Need a Breakdown on who pays out what go to:
I’ve only visited each casino once other then the Sands that has had Multiple visits. I Review this as A male Non Smoking , Slot Player only.
First of Parking Mount Airy and Mohegan sun was easy Outside Parking Lots, Very fast and simple Hollywood has a Parking deck but did not personally experience it was on a Bus Trip, Sand parking deck is my least favorite Very Low Dark and Hard to know where you are supposed to go my least Favorite.

Staff’s Kindness In greeting you and Interactions during your Visit.
Mohegan Sun By far was the Friendliest Casino Followed By Hollywood and Mount Airy with the Sands Easily in last place.
Mens Rest Rooms Once again Mohegan Sun takes Top Honors , Clean Fresh Smelling Easily Accessible Hollywood was a close Second . Mount Airy and the Sands Have Issues with lots of Moisture under their Urinals Once again with the sands coming in last never seeming to have a nice fresh scent.

All Casinos seemed to have a different Variety of slot machines with many familiar ones at every casino in all Denominations. All had smoke free ares but always next to smoking areas or a bar that allows smoking so not really smoke free, Mount airy Does have a Second floor that is Smoke free only!
All Feature a Wide Variety of Food From Very Fancy to Hot Dogs and Soft Pretzels. Mount Airy and Sands Offer Complimentary Drinks HollyWood Feature Self Serve Soda Machines where you can grab a Water, Tea or Soda Anytime you Like, I personally Love this Idea!
A Couple of the Casinos Feature Live Horse Racing , Mount Airy has a golf course right next door and the Sands Will have Outlet stores By November.

My End Thought IS Pick the one that is Closest or Plan the Evening around a good Dinner or the Entertainment That they our Featuring that Night. If that doesn’t leave you with a memorable feeling the only thing you will take home with you is that you sat down at a bunch of slot machines and were either a money Donner or a Winner!

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