Day Trip – No. 9 Mine

Saturday We Went to the No. 9 Mine & Museum a unique Anthracite Mine Tour and Museum.

unfortunately i do not have any pictures to share about 15 minutes into the trip to Lansford i realized their was a good chance that i did not put a memory card in with the camera, and sure enough i was correct, so rather then wasting a good half hour plus we continued on .

The Museum is full of Mining Tools and Equipment used through the Ages of the Mine also a lot of old Pictures that were very interesting. don’t Remember How far in you actually go but it is a pretty good distance at that point i believe you are 250 feet bellow the ground surface but still above the water line. The Total tour Takes about 50 Minutes give or take.

Interesting to think what it was like back a hundred plus years ago without the Technology we have today and what was accomplished. I would say this is a good road trip for anyone with some interest.

Link to another site with photos from inside mine.

We then headed down to Jim Thorpe and Rummaged through a couple of different stores then we had a late Lunch at PepperJacks Tex-Mex Grill, A great place to stop for a bite to eat while in town.

Next time we will remember the Camera and probably stop at Flagstaff and the Asa Packer mansion.

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