Wii Sports

The Wii Is so Cool.
I played like Just shy of 4 hours the first day, Probably would have been longer but it was the NFL Playoffs Also.
I have Probably Logged at least a half hour every night playing Wii Sports.

Tennis Is probably my Favorite It is Definitely challenging and a good Workout.

Boxing is the Toughest Workout After every round your Wanting to take a break, A full fight Yet alone 3 or 4 of them works up a good Sweat. I dont really like how the Game is controlled it Not easy getting it to do what you want it to, but its still fun.

Baseball is Lame you only Pitch and Hit the computer does all the Fielding and running.

Golf is Pretty Cool I have played this one the least Mostly cause it takes a lot of time shot after shot, Putting is hard to make a short shot always seems like the Remote does not allow a soft shot and till their is enough momentum to register the shot you have hit the ball way to hard.

Bowling is Nice,a Game Everyone can Play pretty simple but yet Fun, As of writing my high score is only like 183.

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