Ebay Feedback Hostages

Had to post this to say it really sucks when you buy stuff on ebay that the seller does not give you feedback till you leave them feedback.

As a seller and Buyer on ebay I feel this policy just sucks.

If you Purchase a item from me, once payment is received, i leave Positive feedback and deserve the same back.

Much like buying a item, once i receive a item and it meets its advertised description i leave Positive feedback.

In the past week i purchased like 5 items from Ebay paying for each as soon as i was the winner, and have not received feedback from one of them, I’m willing to bet if i leave feedback for receiving these items i will then get my feedback from at least 75% of them.

Yes i have achieved a 250 feedback rating , I’m willing to bet if i had every feedback deserved I’d be well over 500 if not closer to 750!

Ebay 250

One thought on “Ebay Feedback Hostages

  1. Brad

    While I also don’t like the policy of some sellers not leaving feedback until they receive feedback from the buyer, I do understand it. For example, I could buy something from you, pay you immediately, and receive my feedback from you. Now, let’s just say that I didn’t want to pay for insurance, and the item was damaged in the mail. If I’m a jerk, I could leave you a negative, and there is nothing you could do about it. In this case, I would deserve a neg, but I’m sitting pretty with my positive.

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