40 Years

This was me and my Teddy Bear at three months.

ME - Teddy

Me at age Forty (Well almost).


My teddy Bear at age 40.


Think I’ve aged a little better !

5 thoughts on “40 Years

  1. Doris

    Guess I’m one of the few people around who remember you (and Teddy)
    from the first picture at 3 months.

    Hope both of you have a great 40th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Mom

    Happy,Happy 40th birthday, Tom

    Your the best SON a mother could ever have and love!!!

    Many more happy birthdays the next 40 years!!!

    Luv Mom and of course Salem

  3. Cuz Mary

    Wow 40…how time flies….your annual birthday parties are on my top ten best childhood memory list. Miss the craziness of the adults and the family funtime with all my cousins. And yes, I too, remember Mr. Teddy.

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