Kill - A - Watt

Back In February of 08, i used  Device Called Kill a Watt.

To see how much Electricity was used from a Device while on and Sitting Idle.

I learned my Biggest Devices sitting Idle Not counting my computer and Items that needed to be running such as Refrigerator,

where my VCR ( yes i still have one),  Wii and TV's Cable Box.

Wii- 1 watt

VCR - 9 Watts

Cable Box 16 Watts


Starting in Mid February we placed all the items that are used on the TV into a Powerstip.

They are turned off most of the day and only on when we are watching TV .

I have also replaced all the Light Bulbs in the house with new CF bulbs.

In the last seven months we have averaged 7 kWh /day less energy Used.

with a Average cost of 0.116 we have saved $184.20  This Year.

Chart of Energy Used

Kilowatt calculator